Crocodile Rock Dwejra

Dwejra is one of the best areas for scuba diving and snorkelling in Gozo. Crocodile Rock in Dwejra is one of many divesites in the area, situated between the Gozo’s blue hole and fungus rock. Crocodile Rock can be carried out both from shore or by boat, however, it is much more convenient to do this dive off a boat.

Crocodile Rock Gozo
Photo Adam Sant

On the 10th of March 2019, a dive was organised to Crocodile Rock by ATLAM SAC divers. On this occasion, the club chartered a rib which took the divers from Inland sea in Dwejra to Crocodile Rock.

On the northern side of crocodile rock (closest side to the shore) is a shallow reef which ranges from 4-8m; when diving by boat this is usually the entry and exit point. The shallow part of the reef provides a great place to carry out a safety stop or any decompression obligation at the end of the dive. At the edge of the reef by crocodile rock there is a drop-off with the depth falling off to around 34m. Swimming outwards away from the reef wall, the bottom tapers down quickly to depths of 45m+.
On this occasion, the club members followed the reef wall in the North – North Western direction. This dive is appropriate for all levels of divers, a planned depth can be chosen and the reef wall can be followed at the chosen depth. The reef wall is very colourful and packed full of all forms of marine life. Large shoals of fish can frequently be sighted hunting for food up and down the wall.

If one keeps swimming along the wall (around 20-25 minutes with no currents), Rogers cave can be found at a depth of 25m. The cavern extends inwards around 15m and is around 10m wide. The cave walls are covered full of false coral, sea potato and sponges, guaranteed to excite any macro photographer. Slipper lobsters were also spotted on the Club’s latest visit.
After exploring the cave, the ATLAM divers doubled back along the reef wall until they reached crocodile rock once again; this is where the Rib was waiting for them to take them back ashore.

Photos and script by Adam Sant


Crocodile Rock North West Coast

Location Dwejra Gozo

Wall dive +45M

Boat Dive preferably

All levels of divers

Other points of interest: Rogers Cave


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