Malta Weather Forecast

Weather forecast for the Maltese islands by Malta Airport weather report,  WINDFINDER and WINDY.  Check the latest wind direction and strength using the Beaufort scale.

The swell and wave direction/height are important too before planning your dive. 

Local knowledge of dive sites and how different weather conditions effect these sites is imperative for your advanced pre-dive planning.

The Beaufort scale is a scale for measuring wind speeds. It is based on observation rather than accurate measurement. It is the most widely used system to measure wind speed today. The scale was developed in 1805 by Francis Beaufort, an officer of the Royal Navy and first officially used by HMS Beagle.

There are twelve levels, plus 0 for “no wind”. From 1946 to 1970, there were also beaufort levels 13 to 17. All of them were labelled as Hurricane. Because they were only used in special cases, they are no longer in use internationally. China and Taiwan still use them, because they often have typhoons.

The wave heights given are for waves on the open ocean, not near the shore.

Beaufort Scale

Click here to check the sea surface currents off the North coast of the Maltese islands and south coast of Sicily

Sea Surface Currents in the Maltese Channel