Pinna Nobilis

Pinna nobilis in the Mediterranean

Pinna nobilis

is the largest bivalve in the Mediterranean sea and is also endemic in the region.  Additional Pinna nobilis is one of the largest in the world. Its shell can reach more than 1 metre in total length. Pinna nobilis lives in sandy booms in the coastal areas and is usually associated with meadows of seagrass (such as Posidonia oceanica between 0.5M and 60M depth.

On 25th April, Marine Biologist Monica Previati, discussed how a new parasite is attacking Pinna nobilis in the Mediterranean sea which is causing mass mortality.  Members of ATLAM SAC and interested guests learnt how they can tell the difference between a healthy, dead and dying Pinna nobilis.
Visit the presentation below to learn more about this species. Pinna Nobilis Presentation

An online survey is available to record any Pinna nobilis met in Maltese waters. Your assistance is highly appreciated. online survey